Solutions for domestic and commercial use

The Farho central heating system is the ideal solution for modern homes, apartments, institutions and small to medium sized commercial units.

Fast installation

Central heating installation can be completed quickly. The electrical connections are pre-wired. Simple secure wall fixings are supplied.

Lower life time ownership cost

The real cost of ownership of an electric central heating system is a combination of the original capital and installation cost, the annual fuel cost, maintenance costs and the operational lifetime of the system.

For developers and architects

The exceptionally fast installation times means labour is only required later in the project planning of new builds. This can amount to faster build times and capital cost savings.

Less buildings design restriction

There is no pipe work or flues so architects and home builders have less restriction for building layout and design. Electric radiators can also be installed virtually anywhere in the room. Listed buildings may benefit by locating radiators in places where pipes would be difficult.

Low carbon means conforms with building regulations

Building Regulations Part L deals with the Conservation of Fuel and Power from Buildings. “Approved Document L” was last updated in 2006 and compliance is now based on buildings not exceeding a calculated maximum level of CO2 emissions per m2 of floor area, per year. This is calculated based on insulation properties of the building materials used, the type and fuel of the heating system, hot water and ventilation services specified and the “air tightness” of the building.

As well as being based solely on carbon dioxide emissions for the first time, the 2006 target level was also reduced over the equivalent 2002 regulations.

Further changes to Part L will come over the next 8 years

Minimise disruption

During replacement or refurbishment work disruption to everyday living or business is minimised due to the simple installation.

For landlords

If you have residential tenants, the law requires you to ensure that any gas appliances in your properties are checked annually to confirm they are working safely*. Costs will include inspection and servicing charges .

*1994 Gas Safety Regulations, amended 1998

elegance electric radiator

elegance radiator

modern flat development

modern flat development